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DIY Curtains and Shades 2013 Ideas

Do-it-yourself curtains and drapes ar easier to form than you would possibly suppose. With alittle little bit of material, a staple gun and a few creative thinking, you'll fashion a noteworthy seek for your home.
These comes will all be kept away from creating one sew.

Napkin Cafe Curtains
Turn specked material napkins into a kicky try of curtains by connection their edges with jeans rivets spaced each a pair of inches. Then add giant grommets or rivets on the ace of the panels and thread onto a curtain rod. you'll purchase rivet and fixing kits at material stores. To install, cut alittle hole within the material, insert each items of the rivet or fixing, and use the tool that comes within the kit to press them along.

Towel Window Treatment
Use kicky room dish towels for fun window treatments. merely clip material hooks to the highest fringe of a dishtowel and droop from a restaurant curtain rod. The towels square measure straightforward to get rid of for laundry and might even be modified out seasonally. Plus, once you've got set to maneuver on to a special window treatment, the towels will be used for his or her original purpose of drying dishes.

Buttoned Up
The buttons and bagging that animate these plain white tab-top restaurant curtains return right off once it is time to clean them. that is as a result of the buttons ar connected with magnets instead of sewed on. Tie hemp twine through every button, then glue a magnet onto the rear. Cut bagging into a strip 1-1/2 inches wide and attain a couple of of the long threads to fringe the sting. Lay the bagging on prime of the curtain and hold it in situ with a magnetic button at every tab.

Trimmed Tablecloths
Romance a window with a fairly curtain made up of a table linen. explore for a sq. or rectangular one with tassels, ruffles, or scallops they will add instant detail that you simply do not have to stitch on. Cut the table linen into 2 panels. (A 60-inch sq. artifact is handy as a result of you'll simply cut it in [*fr1].) Hem the cut edges with iron-on seam tape, and suspend with material clips.

Wrapped Windows
Made from shawls found for $8 every, these panels square measure a reasonable various to custom window treatments. Cut away the perimeter from one finish of every scarf and hot-glue ornamental trim on the raw finish. droop from clip rings.

Floor-Length Tab-Top Panels
Velvet ribbon in 3 ice shades turns plain white tab-top curtains into a chic treatment. to form the planning, lay out the panels and connect horizontal bands of ribbon with material glue. to form the ties at the highest, cut the tabs off, then cut six equally placed, 1-inch horizontal slits across every panel. end by cutting V shapes out of the ends of every tie.

Tip: Washable fabric glue will be strong enough to withstand a washing machine and will remain clear and flexible.

Rickrack Panels
Add drama to an area by hanging tab-top panels embellished with a grid of ribbon and trimming. selecting natural colours and textures keeps the boldness of the pattern under control. live rigorously and set up ahead for correct ribbon placement. every X style extends from facet to facet and repeats thrice from prime to bottom. Glue down all the caramel-color ribbon initial, then center and glue on lengths of lime inexperienced trimming. end by gluing an oversized button at every intersection. For a nicely finished edge, cut the ribbon one in. longer than required, wrap it round the fringe of the curtain, and glue it on the rear. end the design with a button of your alternative. we tend to selected a picket button to enhance the caramel-color ribbon.

Tip: Before adding embellishments, first press the draperies to remove all wrinkles and creases. Accurate positioning of ribbons and trims will be easier on a smooth surface.

Ribboned Romans
Confining the embellishment to the perimeters of this Roman shade keeps the design clean. because the shade is raised, the ribboned edges fall under swish pleats. we tend to combined many totally different widths and colours of ribbon. once coming up with the planning, stretch the shade out on a flat surface and glue the ribbons round the outside edges one layer at a time. enable the ribbons to increase an in. on the far side the shade dimension in order that they may be plicate over and pasted to the rear for a finished look.

Stenciled Curtain Panels
Dress up purchased panels with a fun stencil. Lay a panel out flat, with kraft beneath it to soak up additional paint. Place the stencil on the panel and use cloth paint to color on the look.

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