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2011 Ideas for Small Spaces Decorating

Learn how to create the foremost of your small-space scenario with these inventive style concepts.

Curtain Divider

A simple, sheer curtain may be a good way to simply divide 2 areas. Designer Vanessa DeLeon incorporated a sheer, silk curtain panel into this Asian-style flat to feature a dramatic part and visually separate the space|front room|lounge} from the feeding room.


Well-Worked Window Treatments

To make alittle lounge seem a lot of spacious, add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. This eclectic lounge options extra-high ceilings, despite its tiny plan. this easy addition can mechanically draw eyes up the wall for a way larger feel. style by Lori Dennis

Clever Kitchen Storage

While regular room cabinets serve a helpful purpose, there is one thing attention-getting and appealing regarding these open (and organized) storage shelves. Designer John Gidding needed to separate the room from the area however still keep the whole house open and ethereal. By adding the little wall divider, he was ready to flip alittle room into 2 separate rooms. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling shelves area unit the proper place to store and show favorite things and pretty glasswork.

Bathroon Storage

Narrow wall shelves area unit a wonderful thanks to store lavatory necessities in an exceedingly fashionable manner. Invest in enticing canisters to carry cotton swabs, cotton balls and your favorite lotion, and place unpleasant toiletries beneath the self-importance. tiny wicker baskets may also be placed on the shelves for added, hidden storage. style by John Gidding

Multipurpose Space

Sometimes, a useful  area is ineluctable, and your central office and guest chamber should inhabit identical area. to form the most effective of this case, use the encompassing walls to your advantage. Designer John Gidding created a straightforward table unit and additional a set of shelves on top of for necessary storage. Connected to the table, a stylishly hid Murphy bed will simply pull out for those occasional guests. throughout the day, store the bed for an imaginative and spacious space.

Keep It Light

To make your area seem larger, avoid victimization dark hues. This eclectic lounge options a grey focal wall for a punch of color however keeps the remainder of the area light-weight and open with crisp, white piece of furniture and white intrinsical units.

Beneath the Stairs

Any area are often increased with extra (and stylish) storage solutions. Designer John Gidding more a shelving unit directly below the steps to require advantage of the awkward, further area. set adjacent to the room, he turned the unit into a mini bar, storing bar necessities and alternative accessories. These shelves would even be a perfect place to show AN easy book assortment.

Get Creative

Whether you've got young children and lots of toys or simply want additional shelves to store books and show things, creatively use the additional area between 2 floor levels for a singular shelving unit. With six separate shelves and floor area below, designer John Gidding provided the proper place for visual storage. These tiny canvas bins ar nice for keeping toys keep away and out of sight.

Add a Mirror

One of the simplest (and easiest) tricks within the style world is adding a full-body mirror to visually expand an area. enclosed by neutral draperies, this tall mirror adds dimension to the house and makes the tiny sleeping room seem abundant larger. shut the curtains and conceal the mirror for a a lot of intimate and cavity.

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