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Window Seat design Ideas 2012

A bay window could be a natural spot for a bench, however nearly any window could be a candidate, particularly once close built-ins produce a distinct segment.

Window Seat Storage 

Don't waste a square measure of house. Drawers underneath a bench close to the room build nice storage for special-occasion tableware or those large pots you do not use daily.

Corner Window Seat 

The corner configuration makes this bench a comfortable place for kids associate degreed do} their prep or get pleasure from an outside snack. the large bench has area for everybody -- or area for a reader to recline .

Beaded-Board Window Seat 

Beaded-board panels add dimension and texture to the present bench. a simple project, putting in beaded board provides bungalow vogue and creates a finished look .

Dual-Function Window Seat 

A bench may be a good way to cover unpleasant plumbing or a radiator. certify it's properly ventilated and permits for simple access to any fixtures.

Window Seat Cushion

Add a fool to a cargo deck off the room with associate upholstered cushion on a bench. A bench may be a good way to feature a punch of color to a principally white area .

Open Seating 

Add operate to alittle niche with a compact and comfortable bench. The open style accommodates the molding heaters below .

Upholstered Comfort 

Kitchens have become the entertaining  hub of the house. A thick, snug cushion can draw guests to the bench, keeping them out of the cook's method. Add pillows for even additional comfort and elegance.

Desk Area Window Seat 

This bench beside the room table space may be a keen spot to take a seat whereas serving to children with school assignment. Install a sconce on top of the seat for late-night reading .

Beverage Area Window Seat 

Located between a wine glass storage cupboard and a wine icebox, this bench offers the right place for guests to sit down whereas you prepare drinks. A thick cushion keeps guests comfy -- and out of the cook's method .

    Seat a Crowd 

    A long bench offers many seating for guests to collect within the room -- out of the kitchen's work core however shut enough for voice communication .

      Window Seat Storage 

      You can ne'er have an excessive amount of storage. Here, intrinsical hutches flank a bench atop 3 giant drawers .

        L-Shape Window Seat

        Fill a sunny room corner with ample seating for friends or family. A thick cushion and soft pillows add a fool and living-room comfort to a diligent room.

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