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New Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas 2012 : Traditional Curtains

You can realize concepts for elegant curtains and drapes to reinforce your room ornament , I hope you wish it . Enjoy !

Banded Silk Panels 

In a quietly neutral main bedroom, these mounted, banded material panels shun the quality ring-and-rod installation in favor of associate degree innovative combination of grommets and wall-mount hooks. The treatment adds dimension and soft draping to the silk panels, and also the flat braid on top of and below the wide grey band contributes a elegant end, with lined panels that puddle slightly. as a result of the panels ar mounted, natural plain-woven shades do the sensible work, discreetly dominant privacy and light-weight.

Formal Silk Drapes 

High ceilings provides a area grandeur, however they can also build an area feel uncomfortably cavernous. to present the space additional human-scale proportions, add crown molding and painted bands. Here, gold stripes and buttons accent the bands. Formal silk draperies with tightly smocked headers droop on gilded rods at window frame-level.

Valance and Drapery Panels 

A pretty, elaborate window treatment adds a special welcome to a guest space. For a sleeping room with associate old school feel, a crenate framework overlies material panels sewed from a novelty print with a inexperienced background.
The framework associated material panels attach by rings to an iron rod that includes ornamental finials. Greek-key trim sewed to the perimeters of the panels is associate applicable of completion that echoes the classical motifs of the material. adorned  rope tiebacks gently hold the panels in situ, making a soft fullness that works with the romantic feel of the tantalizing space. framed art flanks the window, finishing the setting.

Bedroom Curtains in a Soft, Soothing Hue

The secret to Associate in Nursing inviting  guest area could be a comfortable bed, of course, however atmosphere matters, too. For a quiet retreat, use a soft color throughout and embody only 1 or 2 daring standouts within the decoration. Here, soft inexperienced for folded draperies, walls, furniture, and bedding wraps the area with serenity.

White Drapery Panels

In a sleeping room wherever toile sets the romantic scene, creamy white material panels edged in an exceedingly flat braid enhance the colour palette. The goblet-header material panels, stitched to white rings, slide simply on the painted white material rod. The exposed rod is commonly a underclassman look than a fabric-covered rod or cornice. easy touches, like the flat braid, provides a showing neatness finished look to material panels. Wood blinds behind the material ar just about invisible once force up, however block out the sunshine once required

Curtains with Complimentary Pattern

Fun rooms entail lightsome walls and window treatments. in an exceedingly home of classic quality, this boys' area options a kittenish interpretation of ancient blue: horizontally stripy painted wall end and material panels invented from a clever leaf-print material. The panels droop by material ties from the exposed rod—a treatment that will not be outgrown too quickly. The folded-fabric border is snappy, elevating a customary treatment into a classic accompaniment appropriate for any age.

Iron Curtain Rings

Getting the newest look has ne'er been easier, because of innovative product in today's market. during this case, purchased curtain panels area unit accessorized with ideological barrier rings that merely clip to the highest of the curtain.

Contemporary Wool Curtains

A contemporary twist on classic yankee patchwork, wool cloth softens the fashionable type of a town chamber. The operable panels—banded in off-white and stitched to chrome rings—slide simply on the unembellished chrome rod. The delicate distinction between reminder grey and taupe wool oppose the wealthy brown walls, the showing neatness tied linen panel and therefore the white bed linens. The chrome rod echoes that end on the conventionalized lamp, whereas 3 slim blinds meet the necessity for privacy.

Toile Curtains

With a slanted ceiling and one window, this 8x13-foot petite guest area during a seacoast bungalow display additional challenge than charm. To downplay its little size and odd form, an easy toile pattern that includes seashells was wrapped round the walls and window. Indeed, owners hesitant to use one pattern over and over ought to contemplate toile—it's one in every of the simplest patterns to master successfully.

Full-length Drapery Panels

Older homes typically feature window sash windows on the higher section of walls. to elongate these windows and supply a colourful scenery to the beds, full-length cotton material panels suspend over the windows and extend round the corner to the opposite walls within the space.

Tailored Drapes 

Drapery panels introduce delicate pattern and color this master suite while not overwhelming fabrication. Lined and interlined for heat and sleek posture, the panels graze the neutral carpet; they're seamed rings for a standard operable treatment

Striped Silk Curtains 

A stunning silk stripe unifies a guest area, showing within the high-style window treatment and within the lining for the attachable bed hangings. to decorate the stately French windows, the silk stripe is fictional into gathered balloon shades; it additionally hangs as facet panels. The callipygous ornament and ornamental rings contribute particularization to the impact. Silk cloth works equally well because the lining for the panels that outline iron twin beds. along side the Aubusson carpet and oil portraits, classic fabrications ground the area during a feeling of continental luxury.

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