25 Temmuz 2013 Perşembe

Black and White Modular Bathroom Vanity - Inka Project from Kerasan

Inka Project designed by Massimillano Cicconi is the latest addition to Kerasan’s Acqua Libre collection of modular furniture and sanity ware for bathroom. As usual with modular systems, new products are highly customizable and would be able to find their place in every bathroom. Although with it colors it would be best for black and white bathroom designs. The main product of the Inka Project are washbasins. There as single as double models available. The single washbasin has a square design in two sizes: 40×40 cm or 60×40 cm to 17 cm in height. The double version would take twice more space. The Inka Project washbasins can be combined with furniture like drawers to create a practical and complete corner dedicated to the daily cleaning. There are a lot of ceramic finishes and glossy lacquered furniture combinations available. If you search for nice products for black and white bathroom, probably Inka Project from Kerasan is the right choice for you.

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