20 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi

Chinese Furniture in Room Designing

The Chinese way of life offers a limitless source of inspiration. Chinese furniture traditions reflect the perfect balance between the practical and the spiritual. Whether interpreting the ancient or designing something new, La Maison Coloniale’s furniture illustrates this Chinese tradition in its “Spirit of China” collection. It consist of individual designs with a remarkable touch of modernity.

Most of furniture is made of elm. It’s handmade and produced with using centuries-old skills. There is a lot of bamboo decoration on different furniture sets. There are sets for dining room and for bedroom besides sofas and furniture for living room. Red color is often could be seen around La Maison Coloniale’s products. To made some of their chinese furniture collections more unique La Maison Coloniale’s paint them with Tangas, traditional Tibetan patterns. All these furniture could make any house more spiritual and beautiful. [La Maison Coloniale]

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