27 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi

Modular Transforming Bathroom Design

One thing no apartment - not even the smallest studio - can do without is a bathroom, right? Well, one designer has proposed the Oneself bathroom concept, a simple and elegant solution that could change that necessity - at least in places where space is at such a premium that every square foot counts. Designed on a regular grid system with seems that disappear into the pattern, each part of this modular bathroom concept is integrated seamlessly into a single side wall.

A sink, shower and toilet all pull out from the wallspace and other modules are then usable for storage, plumbing and electrical needs. All in all it isn’t that far of a reach - pull-out sinks already exist so this simply extends an existing set of interior design ideas and integrates them into a unified bathroom design concept. Moreover, one could easily imagine this kind of approach working as a retrofit - you would simply need to create an additional wall at the expense of a foot or two of area - likely more than made up for by the space saved by ridding oneself of a traditional bathroom.

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