20 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi

Very Small Kitchen Which Has Everything Needed - Circle Kitchen

Circle® Kitchen from Compact Concepts is one of those smart products which are ideal for small spaces. It’s 1.8 square meters object which features all characteristics of usual kitchen. The kitchen is fully circular, rotating a full 180 degrees furniture piece, which incorporate everything from kitchen sink and dishes to microwave and dishwasher. 360 degrees rotating shelves help to access to pots, pans, glassware and so on. Circle kitchen has exactly the same amount of kitchen cupboard as any other middle sized kitchen. It’s “room within room” so if you have small kitchen it could be perfect for you. The retail price for it ranges from $6,500 to up to $15,000 depend on gadgetry. The Circle Kitchen designed by Alfred Averbeck for Compact Concepts.

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