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Here's a terrific way to create storage and a focal point using less than 12 inches of floor space. A wall of bookshelves stretches up to the ceiling and brackets a pair of French doors

Built-in bookcases have a sedate, cohesive look to them. These feature a cupboard unit underneath for storage of non-decorative items

Make good use of an awkward area by filling it with custom bookshelves. These span the area to the left of the fireplace, then turn the corner to fill an adjacent wall.

Yet another version of wrap-around shelving, these bookshelves have been arranged with books on the bottom and decorative items on the top, making for a somewhat heavy look

Infuse bookshelves with a touch of style by adding molding or other details. On these bookcases, one shelf has an arch detail that echoes the slightly arched doorway nearby. A wood display shelf cuts the look of the all-white cabinetry.

book collection on shelves stands behind the beds in this library guest room. Swing-arm lamps offer a reading light for all of the treasures waiting to be found in books.

Bookshelf units can be purchased in any of a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. These feature blond wood and clean lines, perfect for this contemporary home office.

Here's a look that can sometimes be achieved using ready-made bookshelves. Fit them together along a wall, attaching each one securely to the others and to the wall. Trim out the top with molding to get a built-in look.

Here's a classic use of bookcases built to surround a fireplace. This look keeps a mantel from protruding so far into the room, making it appear as part of a detailed wall.

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