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Bedroom curtain design ideas 2011

Every bedchamber deserves stunning window curtains. They don’t ought to be one thing that simply keeps out the sunshine thus you'll get a decent night’s sleep!
The sleeping {room|chamber|bedchamber|room} could be a room wherever you'll be yourself thus it’s nice if the entire décor causes you to feel relaxed and happy. Here area unit eight concepts for beautiful classic bedchamber curtains.

1. Floor length and Full
Choose floor length curtains for your sleeping room and pinch pleat or goblet headings to grant a sense of luxury victimisation the fullness of the material. as an alternative a merely heading on the curtain lidded with a valence or valance board would conjointly look sensible.
2. Add Voile
For a lot of privacy throughout the day add a sheer material underneath curtain on a rod across the highest of the window. you'll currently purchase material in several shades associated patterns however select one thing delicate however with nice detail for an unpretentious nonetheless pretty look.
3. Add Edgings
Plain curtains area unit usually more cost-effective than speckled materials. provide them the designer bit with a fashionable trim like beading or fringing during a different color. Trim your tiebacks too victimization a similar border.
4. Add a Border
You can add a contrastive border to an evident curtain with wide plain or velvet ribbon. A double border victimization 2 ribbons of various nevertheless toning colours and widths look sensible too.
5. Add Volume
Nothing appearance cheaper than curtains that don't seem to be full enough – invariably choose a less expensive material that drapes well and supply a lot of volume instead of a costlier material wherever you've got to compromise on the breadth of curtain panel or length of curtains. If 2 and 1 / 4 {to 2|to 2} and a [*fr1] times the breadth of your windows is needed for a selected look choose 2 and a [*fr1] and don’t assume two can do!
6. Add a Contrast Lining
Instead of plain white or cream linings add a reasonably distinction lining that you'll be able to swank by fastening the curtains back to the perimeters of the windows. If you employ tie ace you'll be able to even use these as reversible curtains.
7. A Simple Swag
If you have a narrow window you can add a simple swag with a length of hemmed fabric looped over a curtain rod and loosely stitched into place. Hang the curtains themselves on a separate rod so that the swag does not get in the way of operating the curtains.
8. Decorative Finials and Hold Backs
Don’t spoil the result you're probing for by mistreatment plain curtain rods. opt for rods that go with or have the choice of nice finials – you'll be able to get these in several shapes and materials and think about employing matching holdbacks if your curtains don’t have tie backs.
By Janice Wood

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